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One of my American friend told me he thought China would be more antiquated and there would be rickshaws. And everyone did kungfu/tai chi.  What  images or ideas did you have about it, and have they been confirmed, or contradicted?


Winning moves in martial art wing chun

Practical wing chun (咏春)is no monkey business, neither is it inspired by mantis, snake or tiger. This lethal martial art aims to take the opponent out of the game in three moves. Matt Hodges goes for a lesson.

Here is what you won’t learn at Kleber Battaglia’s Practical Wing Chun Club: How to subdue your enemy while assuming the pose of a crane, or any other character from the Kung Fu Panda movie franchise.wing chun Continue reading Martial Arts

China makes progress in brain-computer interface study

brain-computer chinadaily(Xinhua)

HANGZHOU — Chinese scientists have made progress in brain-computer interface research after a successful experiment on an epilepsy patient. After implanting an electrode connected to a robotic hand into the brain of a 28-year-old woman, the hand performed the three actions of the rock-paper-scissors game immediately after the patient. Continue reading China makes progress in brain-computer interface study

两 名在叙利亚失踪的意大利女性人道主义工作者或已被当地武装犯罪分子劫持。这是意大利当局目前最为担心的情况。据悉,两名意大利女性人道主义工作者,来自布 朗比亚地区的马尔朱若(21岁)与拉梅利(20岁)于7月31日至8月1日晚在叙利亚被劫持。据悉,这两名刚到叙利亚阿勒颇市才3天的人道主义工作者被一 伙武装犯罪团伙入室劫持。当地一家网络媒体称,“这两人在被带走前,曾在当地革命委员会主席的corriere adolescenti italiane家中见到过她们”。


Cina: 200 adolescenti di Chernobyl in visita

Su invito del presidente cinese Xi Jinping, dal 9 al 17 agosto 200 adolescenti provenienti dalla zona del disastro nucleare di Chernobyl, in Bielorussia, sono in Cina per curarsi e riposarsi, visitare Beijing e Qingdao, e avere scambi con gli adolescenti cinesi. L’11 a Beijing, il consigliere di Stato Yang Jiechi ha incontrato la delegazione dei ragazzi. Per l’occasione, Yang Jiechi ha affermato che nei 22 anni dall’allacciamento delle relazioni diplomatiche tra Cina e Bielorussia, le relazioni bilaterali hanno continuato a svilupparsi in modo sano e stabile, da cui la speranza che le due parti colgano quest’occasione per ampliare gli scambi, in modo da rendere più profonda l’amicizia tra i due paesi.