Guanxi: new old-fashioned relationships, Chinese society between a westernization process and a dive into the past through the World’s eyes.

Guanxi isn’t based on what we know, but on who we know. It’s a whole social network of influencial relationships, a system which facilitates business and other matters. It’s social connection in every field, and everyone has his own Guanxi. Leggi tutto l’articolo GUANXI IS THE NEW WEB  realizzato dagli studenti della classe 3CL dell’Isituto Adelaide Cairoli di Pavia nell’ambito del progetto ASL a cura della prof.ssa Claudia Ambrosini

Leggi versione in italiano con parole chiave in cinese 关系是新的网 e la versione in lingua spagnola GUANXI ES EL NUEVO WEB