La Cina sul territorio italiano – esperienze di immigrazione

Mira Eziz is a young girl who attends “Tandem” class at Liceo Cairoli every Wednesday afternoon. It has been a few years since a collaboration between ‘’Liceo Adelaide Cairoli’’ and ‘’University of Pavia’’ started every year “Marco Polo Project” which involves every year some Chinese students who want to attend classes of different kind, in Italy to learn Italian language. At  first sight Mira doesn’t look like a Chinese person indeed she is from Xinjiang, an autonomous region in China population is called Uighur. Interviewing Mira has been a pleasure for us because her Italian is still not fluent and so sometimes we had to correct her.

Interviewer: What were you doing in china? Working or Studying?

Mira: I’ve been working for seven years at CDC

I:Why did you decide to come to Italy?

M: Even though I had a good job which I for many years, I believe we never stop learning, so I decided to “jump into something new” and to come to Italy to enrich and to improve my skills. So after finishing this language course, I’m going to Pisa to study biology. I have to admit that my first desire was to go studying to the USA, but it was too expensive, so I decided Italy, and more specifically Pisa, which seems to me a very good University.

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