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Peking Opera should hold Chinese identity: artist

( Xinhua )

A well-established Peking opera artist believes that the art should hold its Chinese identity despite its translation.

£¨ÎÄ»¯£©£¨2£©Ã·À¼·¼Ê§´«°ÙÄê¾­µäÃû¾ç¡¶æ϶ð±¼Ô¡·ÁÁÏàÉòÑôThe Chinese quintessence Jingju is actually not equal to western opera or ballet, no matter what innovations have been made to it, said Mei Baojiu, son and successor of Chinese theater mogul Mei Lanfang (1894-1961), on Wednesday.

But junior Mei is not against innovation. The play he directed being shown during the ongoing seventh Jingju art festival in Tianjin Municipality deploys modern technologies such as 3D virtual image, stereo and LED while keeping the singing of his father.

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